Soundwave ((6)) Water: Festival lineup

11 Jun 2014, by admin in News

MEDIATE presents the sixth edition of its Soundwave Biennial, San Francisco’s Innovative Art and Music Festival. With over 100 participating artists and over 40 commissioned public performances and works—with accompanying talks/conferences throughout the city—Soundwave ((6)) Water will present cutting-edge art and music events designed to have audiences discover sound as an experience, often in engagement with the artists, exhibits and performances.

Soundwave is the only program that brings together daring creators from across the sonic spectrum, from sound art, experimental, classical, voice, noise, acoustic ecology, and popular music, as well as members from the visual and media arts, performance arts, and science. The Biennial offers the audience intimate and powerful sonic experiences all over San Francisco on stages, ferry boats, beaches, creeks, forts, galleries, among others.

The 2014 season sees the Biennial exploring the mysteries of the sonic connections we share with what is arguably our most important and threatened natural resource: water. Through that prismatic lens, participating artists investigate provocative ideas about our ecologies and its affect on our lives, explore new and old narratives, and fully express water properties and phenomena.

Artistic director Alan So explains Soundwave’s unique and expansive focus this season: “Water surrounds us, is above and under us and inside of us. Multidisciplinary artists will explore how water effects us all – how it nourishes and how it destroys – as well as exposing how we are destroying it but also how we can heal this lifeforce of our living planet.” Adds So, “Through the multitude of the sound experiences, the festival hopes to inspire a renewed sense of awe and awareness of the power and importance of water.”

Soundwave runs for an entire three months from July 10 to September 28, 2014; full schedule, lineup and tickets is on our festival website below.

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