All Natural Technology by Tonya Warner, ArtSlant

19.07.2010 in Press

“The exhibition strongly makes the case that man’s relationship to the natural world has shifted so thoroughly that the intervention of interactive technologies seems not only logical but the necessary way in which to engage an audience. The star of the show, however, is not…

Shrouds Illuminated, SF Bay Guardian

14.07.2010 in Press

“I walked in and these great swaths of white tulle were draped, floor to ceiling in front of the entryway and all around the exhibit hall, separating each small nook from the next cranny, and providing screenage for video projections of forest color and form.”…

Soundwave Fest on KUSF 90.3FM

05.07.2010 in Press

Artistic Director Alan So and Technical Director Jorge Bachmann previews the Illuminated Forest on KUSF 90.3FM on Monday at 10:30am with DJ Jacob featuring tracks by Geraud Béc, Jim Haynes and Alyce Santoro.      Listen

Soundwave Fest on KALX 90.7FM

04.07.2010 in Press

Artistic Director Alan So talks about the Soundwave Festival on KALX 90.7FM on Amazing Grace Sunday at 12p with DJ Helen featuring tracks by REDSHIFT, Barn Owl, Odessa Chen, Crooked Jades, Myrmyr, The Drift, Geraud Béc, Thomas Carnacki, Christopher Willits, and Cheryl E. Leonard.   …

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