(2002 – PRESENT)

How do we see and hear sound? How do we create it? How can it be used? How does it affect us? These are some of the questions posed to artists invited to explore the very nature of sound.

Colliding noise, sound art and rhythmic music, Soundwave sets out to investigate the creation and meaning of sound, experiment with textures and processes, and explore sound as language, emotion, communication, music, experience, culture and human connection and interaction. It asks to open our minds to the possibilities of what sound can be and ultimately inspires us to listen beyond the surface, connect with one another and find innovative ways to think, see, hear, communicate, understand and shape the aural landscapes that surround us.

Soundwave has produced recorded works, special exhibits, compelling conference presentations and panels, and innovative performances that trailblazed the concept of creating and presenting art and music in new and unusual places and cultivated San Francisco’s unique art scene and community. MEDIATE has produced five successful 2-year long seasons of Soundwave over the past 10 years, growing into the largest and most anticipated multidisciplinary sound art festival in the Bay Area.

Over the years, Soundwave has taken audiences on adventurous experiences with performances in WWII bunkers, moving buses, famed sculptures, historic churches, city streets & parks, and museums & galleries throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Project site: www.projectsoundwave.com



(1998 – 2002)



The.ME.Project is an online art exhibition that examines ideas of the human experience- investigating who we are, and how we relate to each other and the world around us. It is a study of our collective humanity- a forum to discuss our diverse experiences and common connections. Its goal is to work towards leading people into transparent communities– void of social, political, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual barriers our environments impose.

Developed in three parts, (BE ME–one’s relation to oneself, LOVE ME–one’s relation to one another, FOLLOW ME–one’s relation to the world around us), The.ME.Project brings together artists, designers and writers from all different disciplines and places to examine the human condition. The project also explores new forms of collaboration and dissemination while creating innovative online visualizations of their work.

The.ME.Project bridges and nurtures these different art forms and provocative ideas and activities through the communal gathering and collaboration of diverse artists. With this in mind, ME’D1.ATE celebrated its first collection of The.ME.Project with events in SAN FRANCISCO (Co-Presented by Altruity), NEW YORK CITY andTORONTO (in conjunction with Hive Projects). These events will bring a diverse community together for a night of stunning visual and aural experiences.

Project site: www.meproject.com