Founder &  Executive Director

Alan is an artist, designer, and curator interested in developing experiences that profoundly affect people and the places in which we live. With that, Alan founded MEDIATE in 1998 to give diverse artists a platform to create extraordinary works for a world in desperate need of innovative ideas. An advocate for cultural innovation, he has been a guest speaker at colleges and conferences such as California College of the Arts, and Symposium of Independent Arts, exhibited work in North America, Europe and Asia, and organized events in the US and Canada. Alan created Soundwave in 2002 garnering accolades including a PBS TV feature and a San Francisco Magazine Best of Award in 2007.


Managing Director

Autumn is an artist, writer, curator and arts administrator whose focus is on immersive and embodied art forms. Her interests surround the ideas of confronting otherization, personal narrative as a radical act of providing alternative histories, and the affective language of art. Previously she has worked on a wide range of arts programing including the Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival and at Defibrillator Art Gallery in Chicago. Hays attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received an MFA in Studio Arts with emphasis in Performance and received her BA in Visual Arts and Art History from the University of California San Diego.


Artistic Director

Tiare Ribeaux is a curator and multimedia artist interested in the cross-fertilization of the fields of science, visual arts, design, and technology. She is inspired by the evolving technological landscape that we live in and believes in harnessing new tools and to create works and immersive experiences that are educational, provoking, and foster critical dialogue within artists and audiences.  She is the Artistic Director at B4BEL4B Gallery in Oakland, CA and Program Manager at CODAME in San Francisco. She has a BFA from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has curated and exhibited works locally and nationally. 




Program Officer, Arts at Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Former Managing Director of Red Poppy House



Actor, singer, director, dramaturge, Associate Director at Urban Opera and Artistic Associate of Central Works Theater Company




Percussionist, Composer, Instigator, Director of Administration, Walter & Elise Haas Fund.



Artist, Director of Software at Obscura Digital



Creative Director and Designer, Artist and Curator, Founder of MEDIATE Art Group, Creator of Soundwave



Oceanographer, water resources specialist, Senior Vice President for URS



Artist and curator; Founder, Living Room Light Exchange








Adam Fong, Musician, Co-Founder & Director of The Center for New Music and Emerging Arts Professionals

Agnes Szelag, Artist & Musician, Course Director at Ex’pressions College for Digital Art

Andrew Harvill, Facilities Supervisor for the National Center for International Schools

Barry Threw, Cultural Producer and Developer

Christina LaSala, Artist, Department Chair Individualized at California College of the Arts

David Graves, Musician and Composer

E.E. “Chip” Grant IV, Conductor, Founder & Artistic Director of Urban Opera

Edward Schocker, Musician, Co-founder of Thingamajigs

George Ridgely, Castro Street Fair Executive Director, Race Producer for Bay to Breakers

Jessica Resmond, Artist, Co-founder of MEI.collectiv

Josh Wilson, Journalist, Founder of Independent Arts and Media, Newsdesk.org, and The Fabulist

Marielle Jakobsons, Artist & Musician, Audio Artist at Electronic Arts

Odessa Chen, Musician

Patricia Watts, Founder and West Coast Curator of ecoartspace

Raub Roy, Sound Artist

Reenie Charrière, Artist and Arts Educator

Tana Sprague, Sound and Media Artist, and Cultural Producer

Tania Ketenjian, Radio Producer and Journalist, Founder of the [UnObserved]

Ben Davis, Founder of Words Pictures Ideas, Chair of Illuminate the Arts

Michael Smith, Manager Information Systems, Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr Fund



Jane Thomsett (1998-2000)
Abi Ramsey (1998-2000)
Pol Williams (1998-2000)
Vicki Wong (1998-2000)

Jurgen Schaub (1998-1999)
Amy Chan (2003-2005)
Vivian Li (2003-2004)
John Moore (2005-2006)

David A. Graves (2007-2010)
Jessica Resmond (2007-2010)
Lilly Le (2008-2012)
Estelle Fabre (2006-2013)

Jorge Bachmann (2005-2014)
Britta Janssen (2012-2014)
Chelsea Akita (2013-2014)
Catherine Nueva Espana (2014-2015)



Tracy Cates (2011-2012)†
Maya Stein (2011)†
Luc Meier (2011-2012)†

Elise Baldwin (2011-2014)†
Christina La Sala (2013-2015)
Kadet Kuhne (2013-2015)

Kristin Miltner (2013-2014)
Leigh Lehman (2014-2015)
Sarah Holcomb (2015-2016)

Jeff Ray† (2011-2016)

† Founding Board Member

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